February 25, 2022

Two Long-Time Sterling Heights, Michigan Insurance Companies Announce Merger


Sterling Heights, MI - Two major Southeast Michigan insurance companies have recently announced they will be merging in order to provide a more diversified portfolio of options for their clients as well as to cater to the insurance industry’s growing demands. 


The Salvati Insurance Group, a family-owned and operated insurance company based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, has acquired fellow local insurance provider, Millennium Insurance and Investment Group, Inc. 


Both companies are long-time staples in Southeast Michigan, representing several top-rated insurance carriers in Michigan and providing a wide range of insurance-related products for both business and personal needs. With the addition of Millennium products to Salvalti’s already extensive portfolio of services, as well as staffing increase, Salvati will be able to continue offering clients comprehensive insurance policies at competitive prices. 


“The growth and longevity of The Salvati Insurance Group has been through a proactive and client needs approach,” explained Thomas Salvati, president of The Salvati Insurance Group. “We continually strive to create comprehensive insurance and financial plans that will meet and exceed our client’s needs while preserving their peace of mind. The merger will ensure that we can continue to provide even better and more affordable options for our customers.” 


Existing customers of Millennium insurance can expect to receive an official notice regarding the merger along with information on how to access their policies through Salvati’s online platform. 


About Millennium Insurance and Investment Group, Inc.

Since being founded in 1999 by Rick Fornasiero, Millennium Insurance and Investment Group, Inc. has provided clients with competitive insurance prices and outstanding customer service. As an independent agent, the company has represented over 30 insurance companies in Michigan and throughout the country and offers a variety of insurance policies, including property, life, and business insurance packages.


About The Salvati Insurance Group, Inc.

The Salvati Insurance Group, Inc. is a Michigan owned and operated independent agent representing numerous top-rated insurance carriers. The company was founded by Thomas Salvati, more than 15 years ago and prides itself on providing a client-first approach to both personal and business insurance services.

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